Primal shriek from weary soul

breaks the silence of the air,

each and one with only goal

side by side, now and forever, shout loud

Freedom and unity inseparable.

Great does it sound if would be true

to play with the mind of fearless crew,

follow the captain in good and worse

follow eagerly  till you lose

the battle of pride, armour and shoes.

To be ridden carelessly

back will hurt,

bone will crack, face in the dirt.

Weird eddied thoughts

suddenly came shots

not dead still, lost and alone

death would redeem smiling clown.

Yet God do not forget dear sheep

instead of light there is a beep.

Beep after beep, cling and clang

on the deathbed comes the angel drunk

promise the paradise, dream of heaven

devil waits, black raven

line after line, one after another

to take thee, soldier of sadness

new and old in dreadful madness

to wait till ever for the captain  brave

while mermaids sing from the ocean waves.

The sweet tunes will wake dreary eyes

thus break the chains made of ice

freedom will be thy marry gospel

unity now and forever.



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