Birth  day, death day

do what you may

expecting girl has no one to blame

whatever does it will be the shame

glances will hurt like the princess grain.

The burden will follow every step she takes

guilt will eat each cake she makes.

Aware of the spot in young womb

awake for the future, miserable, gloom.

IItis easier to elect the thumb,

pills will make limbs numb,

ready to close red slushy eyes

to be good lass, obedient nice.


All will say: It is such a shame,

Wasted life accomplished aim.


Egg is petrified like the ancient cave

safe to be removed from the warm cell

not to be heard like the door’s bell

just when it thought it is all done

she rose up as a Leda’s swan

shine in the whiteness of her true beauty

without the clothes wondering cutie

fell from the bed on the waste floor

dead and naked juvenile whore.



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